Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Letter to a 17 Month Old - from Daddy

What's up buddy? It's been a while since I wrote you. Your Mom is much better at getting these done than I am. So this was your 17th month of life. You and I have a pretty special thing going on, thats for sure. We still have a pretty normal routine everyday which you seem to enjoy. In the morning around 7:00-7:30AM I'll hear you calling for me or Mom from your crib. You haven't figured your way out of the crib yet but we are worried that day is coming very soon since you seem to have this knack for climbing. Not sure where you got that from...maybe from your famous Grandma Deb who climbed Mt. McKinley (Denali) and many other world famous mountains? Nah, that can't be it. Your Mom and Dad are used to be pretty athletic so we'll go ahead and take credit for that.

Once I get you out of your crib we usually hang out up stairs for 10-15 minutes so you I can get my bearings. You seem to always be ready to just dive into your day. When I first pull you out of your crib you always point towards the door and say "Momma." So we'll go peek in on Momma sleeping and trying to pry her eyes open while incubating your little sibling that is growing in her belly. You like to steal some of Mom's saltine crackers that she keeps near by for when she gets super hungery in the middle of the night. Since your Mom was a major source of food for so long and you aren't able to say the word "food" yet, you say "Momma" when you want some sort of food item. I am still trying to teach you the word "food" but you must be still trying to figure it out. In due time. You also are usually very thirsty in the morning so I give you your sippy cup and you guzzle it down at a rapid pace. When you are done drinking you are out of breath and say "ahhhhh," like it was the first drink you'd had after a long journey through the Sahara Desert.

Once you've been hydrated and got your hugs and kisses from Mom I'll usually take you down stairs for some breakfast. You're still a huge fan of breakfast sausage which I almost always make you. After that its an experiment for me. Sometimes you'll eat a bagel and cream cheese, toast and butter, eggs...but lately eggs haven't made the cut...cereal bars (which we don't like since we try and avoid as much processed foods as possible), bacon, canadian bacon, and of course I can't go wrong with just about any type of fruit (bananas, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, blackberries, plums). You also enjoy a nice morning juice. I only fill your cup with half juice and half water so you don't get too much sugar and also so you get hydrated properly. You like orange juice, apple juice and lately we've been throwing in some berry juices made by "Naked Juice," which you seem to enjoy. Sometimes your uncle Cole makes some of his famous juice recepies using his juicer and you LOVE the juice he makes. As I am making you breakfast I usually turn on some Pandora music and we listen to some tunes. Sometimes its some downbeat electronica stations or classical. You seem to really like music with a good beat. You'll be in your high chair nodding your head to the beat and smiling. That always makes me laugh.

When you're done with your breakfast you stand up in your high chair and politely "ask" to be removed. I'll snag you and wash up your hands and face to remove the leftovers. Then I'll usually get your clothes on for the day and we'll often throw your shoes on and head out to the back yard where you love to play in our gardening pots....well, they used to be for gardening but now they are your "sand box."

You'll play in the back yard for at least an hour sometimes two. I'll usually hang out there and sip on coffee and play with you. Diego will often join you in the back yard and when he tries to escape you always start yelling at him saying "No! Noooo!" because you don't want him leaving the back yard and jumping in the neighbor's yard...well that's what Mom and Dad want anyway so you help us stay after him.

Once you get tired I or Mom will put you down for a nap. You've been sleeping at least 2 hours and sometimes 3 hours depending on how much energy I got out of you in the morning.

When I hear you stirring around 3pm I'll go up and grab you and Mom and I will try to figure out what type of adventure we should take you on in the afternoon. I hadn't been to one of your favorite places called "My Kid's Club House" in Poway so I got to take you there one afternoon and we had a blast! You loved playing in the ball pit with me and Mom.

After that we toured the vast tunnels and mazes this places has. It's pretty amazing. I wish I had a place like this when I was a kid! It's fun for me as a 32 year old so it must be out of this world for a kid. They also had a bunch of toys to play with and you seem to be drawn towards musical instruments. You like the drums and piano so far. I think mostly because you can bang on both of them, but they are also two of my favorite instruments so perhaps its in your blood.

You also had a lot of fun at the toy cash register and trying to get money from me. It's good to learn the art of sales early buddy. Show no fear and provide a good service and you'll do very well. I mean, who wouldn't want to buy something from this good lookin' guy?!

Believe it or not, you eventually get bored of playing with all the toys and equipment. Since the days are getting longer we'll try to get outside before we go home. Sometimes we'll take you to the beach. You love the sand! The water is pretty cold so after you get wet the first time you typically try to run from the waves when they come at you.

You're typically getting hungry by 6:00pm so we'll get you home and start making a nice dinner for you. You have been loving pasta with red sauce lately. Like your father and mother you are also a pretty huge fan of pizza which makes total sense. We avoid giving you any fruit or juice after 5:00pm to try and avoid any extra energy boost. You have sooooo much energy and just go go go that we have to try and slow you down if we're going to have a chance at getting you to bed on time. While we make dinner for you we usually let you watch your one tv show per day which is "Curious George." You looooove Curious George. You like to point at the tv and say "Geo!" You can't quite say George yet but it's pretty close.

After dinner I take you upstairs for your bath routine and naked time running around up stairs. You love books so you'll pick out your favorite one's and bring them to me to read. You love books with sound effects. You like the airplane book and I'll make airplane or jet sound effects which you repeat and actually do a good job. You know the different sounds between a prop plane and a jet plane. You also like to read books on trucks. Animal books are still a favorite as well and you can now make almost every sound for every animal.

After reading time I'll usually turn the lights out around 8:30pm and I'll try rocking you to sleep or carrying you while you rest your head on my shoulder. You like me to sing Jingle Bells to you while you are trying to go to sleep. It's been your favorite song for a long time now. Sometimes you don't like being held and just want to stretch out in your crib but don't want me to leave. So, I'll just lay down next to your crib and keep singing or humming Jingle Bells. You like knowing I am still in the room next to you. The funny thing is that a lot of times I'll fall asleep on the floor next to you and won't wake up until 11:00pm or even later. I think most times I fall asleep before you do.

You're such a precious little boy and I can't imagine life without you. The amount of love and joy you have for me and Mom is so flawless and genuine. It's something that is so hard to describe and only hope you feel the same in return from me because all I want to do is give you the best life possible. I love you so much Dax. I'll cherrish every day I have with you!

- Love Dad (Dave)


starnes family said...

Great recap. Love your commitment to letters to remember all the good stuff!

Mama Durso said...

So sweet! Good job, Dad. :) I love that you're such an integral part of Dax's day. Happy month-birth-day, Dax!

Phoenix said...

How adorable! I love that Dave posted this one - such a great other point of view :)

And what IS it about ball pits that makes them so darn exciting?!

Lora said...

checking in with you, lady. It's been awhile and I hope all is well.

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