Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter to a 14 month old

You got a wicked sense of humor kid. It's very very weird to see my sense of humor on a little being. It's not always as cute as I think it is ;-)! For example, you boink people on the head with any old object and then clap & laugh like a maniac. Your Daddy kind of looks accusingly at me when you do this.

When you find something that you are not supposed to be handling i.e. my phone or unattended dangerous objects, I start towards you and say in a stern voice, "Daaax...". You immediately get this bright glint of joyous mischief in your eye, squeal loudly, and then sprint with fervor in the other direction, little fingers clutched tight around your forbidden treasure. I can't help but grin at your antics.

However, when I reach you and manage to pry whatever breakable/expensive/beloved thing you've managed to acquire with your grippy little hand, you SCREAM at the top of your lungs and throw your back into an arch. This, my little love, is an exceptionally dramatic way to express your displeasure & I ignore you completely & two seconds later you're fine, toddling and giggling at some other random thing.

You are all boy & love to climb & get into things. Here's a short action sequence spanning 37 seconds in real time.

You've got this totally annoying & messy super fun new hobby of taking everything and throwing it over the stairs. You also love to drag things from mine & daddy's room to your room and vice versa. So the house is all mixed up all the time. I'm finding your books or toys in fun places, like our bedroom drawers. And colorful little drums & rattles in the pots & pans drawer in the kitchen. All of this makes me feel hopelessly messy completely amused. It also makes me want to donate everything we own to Goodwill.

You are officially officially on one nap a day! I feel like some kind of mecca of parenthood has been reached. What a relief to only worry about one nap a day! We can get going in the morning, come back for your ONE NAP OMG, and then go out in the afternoon if we want! You are also still SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Sleeping. Through. The. Night.

You did stop sleeping through the night for a few weeks because you got sick again on November 19th. That same super sick that you did on Halloween where we had to count your breaths and give you breathing treatments. Honey, you were in a bad shape. It tore my heart out, and makes me worry so hard that I want to tear my hair out.

Your Daddy was calm though and reassured me that we didn't need to take you to the hospital. We just did what we did last time with the nebulizer and you slept on either me or daddy for about 24 hours. By the morning on the second day you were back to good, breaths slow & steady, but it took you the rest of the month to beat the junky lungs.

After your sickness passed, to get you back to sleeping through the night, it simply took two or three nights of Daddy going to you when you called & holding you or humming to you until you fell asleep. You kept pointing to our room, but Daddy stayed strong. Daddy didn't get much sleep those couple of nights & you weren't particularly excited about it, but you were never alone and now you sleep great. I am so relieved (huge understatement) that you've seemed to reached a new milestone!

Grandpa Gary came to visit this month. We took you on a nice long walk around Lake Poway. The fresh air and the ducks put you right to sleep--it was nice to have you sleep in the sling again! He also took you to the park with your Uncle Cole where I hear he yelled at some older kids who were trampling over you at the park. I was pretty pleased with his grandfatherly-protectiveness :-).

For Thanksgiving, my friend Kasey came to visit who had you thoroughly mesmerized by her iphone (you are your father's son). We cooked a big fat (and very very lackluster) meal (when will we ever get it right?!). The highlight of which was Uncle Cole's 'Holiday Sangria,' which you can taste in just a few short decades.

Kasey, Uncle Cole & Daddy in front our weak-ass attempt at a grown-up meal (I promise you that by the time you care, I'll learn how to cook an amazing T-day meal)
You are in cloth diapers 95% of the time (you sleep in a sposie at night) and I am loving it. You have never had one single diaper rash your whole life & you always look cute in your fluffy butt. Your Aunt Stacy is now proudly cloth-diapering your new cousin Pria & that has given us infinite amount of time to obsess about all the cute diapers. I am so happy to have someone else to share my obsession with. Your Daddy teases me a bit about how lovingly I organize your diapers, but I'm pretty sure he finds it ridiculously charming.

Your language is better and better. You understand so much. When I tell you to go get your "truck" or "ball" or "book" or "blankie" or "sippy cup" you look for them and then bring them to me! When I say I want to change your diaper you sprint far far away from me. You try to say "Diego" but it sounds like "Dygo." When those yippy neighbor dogs bark, you run to the window and bark back.

You LOVE the book "Jingle Bells," much to my dismay. You carry it to my lap at least five times a day. I'm quite possibly tone deaf so singing is simply not my bag, but I do it for you anyway because it's probably the right thing to do. You can hum three full bars of Jingle Bells now, which is pretty darn cool.

We love you so much little guy. You make me smile all day long. Thanks for your buckets of sunshine.

(My camera is on the fritz so there are only a few photos as of late. This is killing me. I didn't put a fancy new camera on my Christmas list either, so I am apologizing for your lack of pictures this month & the next few until I get this worked out buddy.)


Blair said...

So very cute:). This was a great post. We have a 13-month old boy (like yours, he's ALL boy), so I can completely relate to finding toy hammers in the pots/ pans cabinets. I love that your little guy hums to jingle bells- that's really cool. He's lucky to have a mama who will sing to him, even if she's tone deaf:).


sister stacy said...

pictures?? why haven't u taken that very expensive camera u already have to the camera store? or maybe u have and discovered it is REALLY broken :) sorry- I had a sister moment! LOVE U
I read this and my heart melts- i can hear him humming jingle bells in my head and I def remember his earth shattering screech! U make all the things that drive me bonkers sound fun- u have a real gift! Did i tell u this weekend, I started a bath for Nova and when I came around the corner to check on the water, there she was, standing there peeing in a cup! When I yelled and asked her what she was doing she screamed and hurridly dumped the pee into her bubble bath! What am I gonna do with her??

Holli said...

I love these letters you do Darcy... they're awesome!

Eva Marie said...

This si so so so sweet :)

I love that he sings and hums and I love the picture at the end.

Cloth diapers are WAY TOO CUTE!!! It will help him potty train quickly too :) Loved catching up in your adventures he is just so darn sweet, I cant believe how big our babies have grown

Maggie May said...

Darcy! It was so awesome to meet you, I hope I was not so surprised that I seemed in any way withdrawn, I was so not expecting to see any bloggy friends there :) Wasn't that awesome? I LOVE things like that. I am such a Christmas lover. Dax is such a cool name. And such a beautiful little guy- so is his Momma :)

Lora said...

I had to come back to this post and comment because I wanted to tell you that Jake had pneumonia the week after you wrote this and had to be on one of the breathing treatment machines and it just broke my heart to think of poor Dax who is so much littler than Jake with one of those masks on his mouth.

It must have been awful.

Love to you guys. I hope you have an AMAZING Christmas and New Years!

Darcy said...

@blair: cheers to those super boys! and thanks for the compliments on the keeping up the singing lol, poor guy, hope he can carry a tune in the future!

@ sis: i miss nova so ridiculous.

@holli: thanks holli ;-)

@Eva: I can't believe ur little girl is going to turn 2! talk about time going so fast right?!

@maggie: It was SOO awesome to meet YOU! I seriously contemplated nudging you for a whole three minutes, I'm kinda shy about my blog stalking :-)! But no, I did not think you were withdrawn, you seemed appropriately surprised and probably trying to place me, understandebly so! I thought maybe I ran off like a maniac lol!
Anyway, so nice to see your family in person. This christmas here in San Diego has been so lovely for us and festive and running into you and your fams just makes it feel even better and more community like! It really is a small small world :-) AND thanks for your kind words :-)

@Lora: oh no!! poor Jake! the mask is the saddest thing in the whole world. He fights it with such tears and then he just gives up and lays his little head on dave's or i shoulder while the treatment finishes. sigh. hope Jake is feeling better, it is so scary when they are sick like that.

GGGGGGG said...

Darcy, I am so glad I finally took the time to sit down and check out 365. I love it sooo much and feel like I am there with you guys when i read it. Thx for doing it for Dax-(one of the greatest gifts he'll ever get) and Thx for doing it for the rest of us. I love the updates, altho am crying with missing you guys right now. Like Stacy said my heart melts. Thx again. Please don't stop writing. love and miss you nonnie

vintch said...

so, so sweet. when he's older and reads these little letters, they are going to warm his heart, just like they warm ours when we read them now. merry christmas to you and your sweet family:)

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