Sunday, October 23, 2011

Letter to a 12-month-old on His Birthday

This is long overdue, I know. I've been avoiding it because it feels so large and overwhelming. But I need to get through this. So here goes...

You had a crazy month bud. For most of it, we traveled or had visitors in our home. Your little cousin Pria was born, so we went to see her in Minnesota.

Aunt Stacy with your new cousin Pria
You started walking the day before we left. The day was September 15th, 2011. Just two weeks short of your one year birthday.

at the airport! day two of walking
It was hard to take you on the plane this time. You have so much energy and curiosity that it is difficult to keep you entertained in such confined quarters. Luckily, we had nice people next to us.

You loved hanging out with your Nana Kay. She had fun new toys and a whole new place for you to walk around, so you were pretty stoked. She loved to play peek-a-boo with you, and now you still love to play all the time. She also taught you how to roll all around in the covers, and I've never seen anything cuter.

Nana Kay & Dax
At Aunt Stacy's house, we were all pretty busy with all the babies, but you just took it in stride. You were still pretty shaky on your feet, so you seemed pretty accident prone unfortunately. I don't know how to get you to not fall down and hit your head on walls. I can't pad the walls. Or can I? Luckily, you're much better now, but for the first few weeks, I think I aged five years watching you fall all over everything.

We got a lot of quality time with everyone though. Here's some fun pictures of us at the park in Elk River, Minnesota.

Your sleep is really starting to wear on me. It is so much harder when Daddy is not around. We finally got to use Nova's crib and bedroom with a fan, and you did your best there. However, I am really ready for a change. When will you sleep better sweetie?

After a week in Minnesota, we all hopped in the car and traveled to Fargo for my cousin Josh's wedding to Albra.

road trip to Fargo!

We met Daddy in Fargo, thankfully. You seemed pretty thrilled to see him. The whole family was there too and you loved meeting them all. You finally got to meet your great-grandmother Lucille. We got some pictures of you at the wedding with her that I treasure.

Great-Grandma Lucille & Dax
You also got to meet all of your second cousins on my (Dad's) side of the family: Abram, Dylan, Luke, Austin, and Georgia.

Then, we drove with Nana Kay and Daddy to Thief River Falls to see your Grandpa Dan and your Great-Grandma Lavonne. All of Daddy's aunts and uncles (your great aunts and uncles) threw you an impromptu first birthday party with a cake and all sorts of presents.

We stayed on your great-great-great grandfathers land that he homesteaded in 1904. Your grandpa and great-uncle Luther still farm the land there. There's so much history there, we got to see old pictures of your extended family.

in the tractor with Grandpa Dan

Back in San Diego, we had about a week before the whole family arrived for your first birthday celebration and baptism. Your Nana Kay came back with Aunt Stacy and Nova and Pria. Your Grandma Deb and Vito and your great-grandmother Carolyn came too. Nonnie and Grandpa Gary and your Aunt Age & Uncle Tony & your cousin Tatum drove up for your birthday too!

at the bday bash!
Your birthday celebration was awesome. A few of our friends and family came too all to see you! You didn't care much for the cake smash we prepared for you, but Tatum reminded me that you probably didn't like it because I "feed you all that organic crap." hehehe....

On Sunday, October 9th, your baptism was beautiful. We decorated the backyard with a big white arch & white petals strewn on the lawn & tulle on the fence & flowers. The minister who married us, Jerry Law, came all the way from Phoenix to baptize you. We really wanted it to mean something to us and it did. He said beautiful things about God and your life and our love for you and our prayers for you. It was perfect. You wore one of my favorite white cloth diapers and a white onesie.

You now have a hundred thousand toys. You got trucks, stuffed animals, blocks, books, clothes, a toy phone, a rocking horse, a baby swing--the list goes on an on! We started a savings account for you this month so we can save up some dough from any presents you get.

new toy from Grandma Deb
Your coolest tricks are waving now and saying 'uh oh' whenever something falls on the ground. You push your corn popper around the living room and you want phones like SOOO BADDDD. You say 'mama' and 'dada' with ease. You can do monkey sounds and puppy sounds. You love reading books. You eat brown rice and grapes and eggs  and noodles by the fistful. You still love your baths, but like to stand up now.

in the bath / cutest baby butt EVER
You were sick almost this entire month. Sniffles and cough. I missed your 12 month appt so I have no idea what your stats are, but you are huge kid. You were 18-24 month clothes. Your socks are 2T-3T now. You are so white and your hair is like yellow cornsilk, I have no idea how. I never imagined a blond kid! Your great-grandfather on your dad's side is full-blooded Indian and both your dad & I are pretty dark, so you must have just inherited a lot of that Norwegian on your grandpa Dan's side or something.

Anyway, where does one stop with all of this? I could go on forever of course. You light up our lives. This last year has been the hardest AND most incredible year of my life. Our world will never be the same. Thank God. I love you buddy. Happy one year birthday!!!


starnes family said...

12 months is big!

Love the name Pria. And, a tutu + snow boots? That is some serious style.

Anonymous said...

What a nice blog Darcy! You did good! Dax should love this when he gets old and reads this! it is perfect! love mome

Steph(anie) said...

Happy Birthday, Dax!

Mama Durso said...

Aw, happy birthday Dax! You are lucky to have such an eloquent Mommy to write you beautiful letters that you can look back on when you're older... or do boys do that? Whatever, I'm sure your wife will love them. :)

Jennifer de Cupcake said...

Sweet letter as always, happy birthday little Dax.

p.s. I mentioned you over on my blog, a little award winning for you :)

Holli said...

He is getting SOOO big!!! Still so sweet and adorable looking... looks like you all had a good time.

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