Monday, July 18, 2011

And then i could conceive again...

And as I sat here in the middle of my house, staring at my laughing, crawling, smiling, bubbly little baby--I could obsess. Obsess about

what next?

this might have meant that when I saw other little tiny babies that just got born into the world that I might have thought

i want another one

but none of this mattered because breastfeeding became nature's way of stopping all kinds of conception. It worked so well that we never used a single method of protection for all of ten months and

that's a fact

not to say that you should do this too. I just happen to possess a rather flippant way of dealing with serious things. YET you absolutely could do this too but I caution you to follow the hard and fast rules of this method (LAM) and I bet you it will work, but these are whole other things. the point is

i saw red

oodles of it and because I've been obsessing about making babies but being unable to do so, I started jumping all around the house and squealing about my newfound luck. But as the novelty wore off I got hit with the feeling that was very clear:

i'm not ready to have another baby yet

and so I told my hubs we had to go back to those precautionary ways, as of which haven't been in play for over two years.

and the beat goes on...


Jennifer de Cupcake said...

It's an interesting feeling when your body tells you you are ready, but your mind tells you, it is not. Happy Family planning!

starnes family said...

Take your time!

We have 5 years between our first 2 and 16 months between our last 2. There are a plenty of advantages to both ways!

Mommy Is Green said...

I completely understand where you are. Every time I see a baby or a pregnant woman I get a litlle craving to have another baby too. But I don't think I'm ready right now even though my son is already two. We have some major things going on now. But maybe sometime next year. Who knows?

Eva Marie said...

I was happy for a second that it was back and that my body could start the process again when I was ready.. but not going to lie, I didnt really miss it one bit :)

GGGGGGG said...

So happy you had a moment of clarity 2 is a whole new ball game. Glad to find you I couldn't yesterday. I'm sure Dax likes not having to share you with anyone else right now also. love, nonnie

Darcy said...

jennifer: indeed. i don't think i'll wait too long, but i am sure this is not the time :-)

starnes: not too long, but longer than now!

mommy is green: i love that there are things in the future that have yet to be :-)

Eva: def did not miss! ugh, the pain!

nonnie: yes, i can't imagine sharing Dax right now either! he is waaay too needy :-)

Amber@Nater Tot said...

Timing. It's so different for everyone. My son is already ALMOST two and everywhere I turn all of my friends (both blogging and "real" world) who have children the same age are already working on number two. I held a newborn this past weekend. They DO smell delicious...but I'm just not ready.

Lora said...

I TOTALLY get this. My body and my brain aren't even using the same type of space-time continuum on this matter!

Love to you guys!

Olivia said...

Hubby and I originally thought we'd try to space our children 2 yrs apart. Not long after our first turned 1, we looked at each other and said, "Maybe 3 yrs apart."

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