Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Naming the Blank Nothing

It's weeks like these, we roll up into ourselves.
We gather our arms inward, into the deep
dark, the unmoving silence.
We try not to let the fear grip us, the impossibility
of life's lightness moving us.
I feel so silent and sad,
so frustrated with the present.

We laugh as the television blinks on and off
our faces, the bone smile of your smile
can make me fly out of winter.
for now I need you
tangled in my arms.

I ache
today like the
entire world as if the
entire world's sadness
could break me.
i want to
back up
back down
back bone

You're sleeping.
I want to make you tea.
Put our hearts at ease.
Love, what is that unknown thing?

My words struggle to find
their syncopation. They're out of step,
out of line.
I start them
I fail them
I let them fall out of my mouth
into the crawl space between
and now.

What (i think and i think) i'm trying to think is
i'm so scared and so not scared of everything.

I can hear you breathing
"Let's tear down the night anyway."


Mwa said...

Love it. I'm not a poetry lover, but your poems I really like. Just lovely. x

Lora said...

Like Mwa, I never like poetry because I can never connect with it. Your's is different though. I can feel it in my heart and can see it like everything is happening right behind me

Gloria said...

OMG . . goose pimples . . . . must come here more often!!!

L.C. said...

Nice! It fits my mood today.

Maggie May said...

'fly out of winter'

i LOVE that

The pale observer said...

I like!!

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Darcy said...

of course you can quote meh blog on your site. Just send me the link so i can see it!!!! and i do have an account on twitter. havn't really posted tho.

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