Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 35 - Bull Sshh...

I feel so all or nothing. As I watch my eating habits this week slide hard into pizza and diet coke land this week, I rebel wholeheartedly against my "goals." I'm pissed at them. I want to throw rocks at them. They're too hard I whine. I can't.

Perhaps it's the heading out of town throwing things a little off-kilter. I'm a Taurus, which according to absolute astrological hearsay, means I dig routine and stability and ABHOR change. Like a bull. Sure, it resonates so I'll take it, but f&$#, I'm feeling overwhelmed.

I want to throw it all away.

I thought this confessional-type blog today would help me buck-up and 'just do it,' but my self-violence refreshingly produces the opposite effect: I need to take it easy on myself. (sigh of relief)

1) Art for creation and consumption: delayed until Monday due to glorious nuptials of close friend in the sizzling desert
2) Food: failed this week. oh well.
3) Book seriously blows. Needs eval asap.
4) Exercise: I got this!

(double sigh of relief) Conclusion: All or nothing is not a healthy attitude for goal-reaching. No need for toxic perfectionism. If there's a stumble, get up and give it another go.

Or how bout' my mother's infamous advice: "If you can't reach your goals, lower them." Um, that's good advice right?

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L.C. said...

I say pick yourself up, dust off your jeans and give it another go. I have had a terrible 2 weeks and just need to be determined to start again for my sake.

Hope you have a better time this g round. :)

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