Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 20 - Food Coloring

Oh Today...how you loved me! Wrapped me in your arms and hugged me. You were all sunshine and big trees and flowers. You were farmer's markets and yoga classes. You were fresh fruits and whole grains. You even gave me sunset in the canyon. Oh Today, You were a dream.

After eating a breakfast of hearty cereal with a hot mug of coffee and cream, I made words for the book and then moseyed on down to the local farmer's market--it's every Tuesday in my neighborhood!

Oh the food, the food, the fresh colorful tasty food! A rainbow of tents sold local organic fruits and vegetables, fresh honey and hummus, jams and juices, herbs and flowers. I cash-exchanged for bags of yummy colors and strawberries that remind me of my childhood (the strawberry fields near Fargo...follow the gravel road, grab your basket...pluck them off the vines).

It's pure laziness what I do! Or convenience. We are going so fast. Today, this experience of getting so close to the source of my food reminds me how far away we normally ARE from the source of our food. Grocery stores are huge and fluorescent and how long HOW LONG did it take to get there?

At night, after yoga and the back-to-home stunning sunset drive, I chopped vegetables and boiled wild rice, while popping strawberries in my mouth. I felt utterly fulfilled.

What I need to know, need to remember, is that I always have access to this amount of happiness. It's a choice. I think back to only three short weeks ago; I'm in a funk, anxiety-filled and couch-bound, wondering what the next move was. And I want to slap that girl--'Wake up! You are lucky and blessed and the world is beautiful!'

I know I still have work to do...
But Today, oh Today,
how you loved me.

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Anonymous said...

ah honey, I am so glad you enjoyed the day! yes, everyday should be like that, where we are centered and refreshed- All is right with the world!
I can hardly wait to go to the market with you! i love those, they should have them everywhere! maybe not in a blizzard-
Carry that wonderful day with you into today!

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