Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 16 - Updates and/or Cat Fancy

In a hurry tonight, as haven't had time all day to stroke these writing fires, worked all day and then had a friend from out of town visit so I'll just be short here.

All is well on the change front. I am surprised I'm still craving cigarettes. My mind is so over them, but sometimes my body does not comply. Hopefully in the next week I'll be able to forget.

Getting terrified about upcoming diet changes, stuffing myself silly. Even worse cause I still feel withdrawals acutely.

Waiting to hear back on volunteering...why why why? I told you I'd work for FREE, I don't know why I'm not hearing responses yet. I'm begging people to work for free and not even able to get a "job." Wowser, economy really does blow.

Exercise: I'm in danger of being short this week, especially after today. Gunna hafta work out Sat. and Sun.

P.S. Have I introduced you to my cats? Maybe their charming faces will distract you from the uselessness of this post. Love, D

Name & Age: Trick Daddy, age 6
Back story: found abandoned or lost at age 1 near Dave's Tempe condo in 2004
Real Story: He adopted us.
Personality: Sensitive, smart, neurotic

Name & Age: Diego, 10 months old
Backstory: found abandoned by mother at 3 weeks old (he was the size of my palm!), grew up in a vent in the back of a California motel. Near death, had fleas and a fungus overgrown on foot. Drove him home to Phoenix, bottle-fed, rid fleas and fungus. Now a healthy happy little dude. Real Story: He's happy to be back in Cali, although his name is not nearly as clever here. Personality: Playful, charming, social

Together, Trick and Diego, checking out the San Diego scenery. Livin' the dream....

O.k. I might have to change this blog to Cat Fancy part deux if I don't stop here. In case you're worried, no more cats for us, full capacity. And two, yes, I do, I adore them.

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Dave said...

These guys secretly like each other...maybe one day they'll stop pretend fighting.

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